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McKee's Dame Anime De Collom
26 Jun 1979, NS494182, BRDL & WH    [Breeding]   [Pedigree]   [Sibling]   [Link]

CH Terrettes Henri De La Orage
19 Jun 1976
NS288632 BRDL

Full siblings:
-  Terrette's Snafu De La Orage, 1977-09-30, BRDL
Terrette's Tourbillion Orage

Full siblings:
-  Terrette's Fleur De Regina, 1970-09-08, BRDL
-  Terrette's Jeaniebelle Petit, 1970-09-08, BRDL
CH Terrette's Tourbillion D'gamin

Full siblings:
CH Terrette's Chef D'oeuvre Gamin CD

Full siblings:
-  Terrette's Chef De Ouvre Tigre
CH Hampton's Petite Cherie
29 Jan 1960 NB251051 BRDL WH On CHST
Full siblings:
Regina Du Cro Marin


Full siblings:
Yoo Hoo's Beauty Oke

Full siblings:
Ophry's Du Cloitre St Cyr

Full siblings:
CH Boulette Of Boristi
26 Aug 1971
NS276999 FN

Full siblings:
UK CH Benhooks Cidercup

Full siblings:
Chasewood Cream Freddie
Full siblings:
Benhooks Charlotte
Full siblings:
Badazz Of Boristi

Full siblings:
CH Collom's Sugar And Spice
11 Jul 1976
NS316032 BPDL & WH

Full siblings:
-  Ma Tempete De Neige De Mckee, 1976-07-11, WH & BRDL
-  Mayjar's Maurice La Beau, 1976-07-11, BRDL & WH
CH Bouton Of Boristi
18 Feb 1973
NS281550 BRDL

Full siblings:
-  Bachetta Of Boristi
-  Burlington Berti Of Boristi, 1973-02-18, BRDL
Eng CH Benhooks Jonathan Of Flitchstar

Full siblings:
-  Benhooks Joshua
UK CH Chesgott Eros

Full siblings:
Benhooks Jackie Of Muffetown

Full siblings:
-  Benhooks Saffron, Fawn
Bitter Sweet Of Boristi

Full siblings:
Bitter Brandy Of Boristi

Full siblings:
Terrette's Gloriana La Reine Of Boristi

Full siblings:
-  Terrette's Polar De La Neige
Raim's Merry Lisette
14 Aug 1974

Full siblings:
Karnes Francois Dils De Polar


Full siblings:
-  Karne's La Petit Angel
-  Jacques Delaneige, 1972-03-09, WH
-  Karnes Benoit Camille, 1972-03-09, CRWH
-  Karnes Bien-Aime Celeste, 1972-03-09, CR & WH
-  Karnes Tina Marie, 1972-03-09, CRWH
-  Karnes La Petit Angel, 1972-03-09, CR
-  Karnes Blanc Velvet De Polar, 1973-03-14, CR
-  Karnes Dor Georgette, 1973-03-14, CR
-  Karnes Francois Fils De Polar, 1973-03-14, CR
CH Terrette's Polar De La Neige
Full siblings:
-  Terrette's Gloriana La Reine Of Boristi
Karnes Renee De La Lunette
29 Sep 1969 NB633573 CR
Full siblings:
-  Karne's Beaute Bijou Michelle
-  Berryhill's La Tammie, 1969-09-29, FN
-  Karnes Beaute Bijou Michelle, 1969-09-29, CR
-  Berryhill's Rochelle, 1969-09-29, CR
Raim's Poopee

Full siblings:
-  Raim's Poupee, 1973-01-03, BRDL
CH Hampton's Chevalier
02 Aug 1970 NB888990 Brdlwhonchst
Full siblings:
-  Hampton's Simone, 1970-08-02, BRDLWHMKGS
Terrette's Fleur De Regina
08 Sep 1970 NB907364 BRDL
Full siblings:
-  Terrette's Tourbillion Orage
-  Terrette's Jeaniebelle Petit, 1970-09-08, BRDL
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