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CH Bandog's Jump For Joy
(Bitch) 10 Jun 2001, NM90412301, Cr    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

CH Cox's Goodtime Polar Bear
14 Nov 1994
CH Cox's Goodtime Jack Of Jock

Cox's Goodtime Jock Of Bridges
05 Dec 1985
NT088046 White & Brindle
CH Cox's Goodtime Hot Toddy
CH Freedom's Nottingham Lace
14 Sep 1979 NS509958 BRDL & WH
CH Cox's Goodtime Petite Minnie

CH Cox's Goodtime La Tigre
12 Mar 1982 NS707679
CH Cox's Goodtime Cricket
CH Cox's Goodtime Isabella
25 Apr 1991
NM28211102 CR
CH Enstrom's El'bee Great
25 Jan 1986
NT107081 Cream
CH Enstrom's Will He Make It
07 Aug 1984 NS968568 Fawn
CH Enstrom's Puddin's Princess
22 Nov 1982 NS774788 Brindle
CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie's Angel

CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown
15 May 1988 NT397318 Brindle
CH Cox's Goodtime Meagan Of Ace
30 Jun 1987 NT273662 FN
CH Bandog's A Million Wishes
28 Jul 1999
NM83257001 BRDL
BIS Ch Bandog's One In A Million
26 May 1992
NM41039801 CR
CH K N' D Foxy Joe Of Cox's Goodtime
08 Nov 1986
NT170442 CR
CH Cox's Goodtime Ace In The Hole
NS896030 Cream
CH Mademoiselle Gigi
15 Jan 1981 NS602089 CR
CH Bandog's Joy To The World
30 Jun 1990
NT714726 BRDL & WH
CH Balihai Roxie Sasha
02 Jun 1987 NT270053 BRDL & WH
CH Lebull Adams Dina Of Ragtime
06 Jul 1985 NT044890 Brindle & White
CH Bandog's Legend Of Kt
29 Apr 1996
NM68502901 BRDL
CH Cox's Goodtime Pierre Of K And D
20 Sep 1986
NT163724 BRDL
CH Cox's Goodtime Dandy Andy
NS896029 Cream
CH Mademoiselle Eve
06 Dec 1980 Am.Ch BRDL
CH Kt's Southern Belle
29 Jun 1994
NM56285802 BRDL & WH
CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown
15 May 1988 NT397318 Brindle
CH Kt's Miss Brandy Of Bandog
12 May 1991 NM30258803 CR
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