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CH Jackpot! Ez Come...Ez Go...
(Dog) 05 Jan 1996, NM64857401, Cream    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown
15 May 1988
NT397318 Brindle
CH Cox's Goodtime Ace In The Hole

NS896030 Cream
CH Adams' Unique Physique
21 Nov 1979
NS523112 BRDL
CH Smith's Petite Maitre
30 Apr 1973 NS145038 Brindle & White
CH Terettes Joie De Moel
CH Cox's Goodtime Dorene

CH Fairmont's Heart To Beat
Miss Ladue
30 Apr 1979 NS473152 CR
CH Cox's Goodtime Mindy Lou Of Kn'd

K And D Nombre Un De Radar
06 Apr 1986
NT174811 BRDL & WH
CH Fairmont's Radar Ahead
02 Feb 1979 NS472606 BRDL & WH
CH Mademoiselle Gigi
15 Jan 1981 NS602089 CR
CH Mademoiselle Eve
06 Dec 1980
CH Fairmont's Radar Ahead
02 Feb 1979 NS472606 BRDL & WH
CH Fairmont's Goodtime Minnie
CH Jackpot! Kwik Pik Tiket Petty
26 Aug 1994
NM56362403 Cream
Ivy Road's Petty Cash Jackpot
15 Sep 1993
NM51520702 Cream
Daniel Pete
09 Dec 1991
NM32742201 FN
CH More Trouble From Dublin
10 Jul 1987 NT372019 CR
CH Ivy Road's Melody Of Love
05 Dec 1989 NT619351 CR
CH Daniel Casanova's Classy
19 Apr 1989
NT566539 FN
CH Jimmy Lee's Casanova
04 May 1984 NS909125 FN
CH Precious Princess Pepetta
30 Apr 1987 NT268154 BRDL & WH
Tea-D's Ms Behavin Mavis

CH Byrd's John Boy
05 Feb 1991
NM27205702 Red Brindle
CH Petit Reprise D'brandy D'mckee
19 May 1987 NT338096 BRDL
CH Byrd's Golden Dutchess
22 Jun 1989 NT590087 Cream
Leejoy's Tea-D's Sinfull Soul
18 Sep 1991
NM30789002 Fawn & White
Leejoy's Carbon Copy
21 Jan 1990 NT642377 Cream
CH Melray Francais Soleil
23 Jun 1987 NT265237 CR
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