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CH Fabelhaft Oops-A-Daisy
(Bitch) 12 Mar 2004, NP06803202, Brindle    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

BIS Ch Robobull Fabelhaft Inferno
26 Apr 2002
NM94053401 Brindle
CH Justamr's Golden Budda 'Of'haft
02 Jul 1999
NM83279101 Fawn
CH Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Dante
18 May 1996
NM68152701 Brindle w/white
CH Kishniga's Benvenuto
21 Mar 1991 NM34011401 Brindle
Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Angel
07 Aug 1994 NM56680701 Fawn
CH Justamere's Golden Delicious
19 Apr 1993
NM48264204 Fawn
CH Starhaven's Mon Sauvage
28 May 1990 NT713929 Fawn
CH Miss B's Pennyroyal Flush
13 Jun 1991 NM29628904 Brindle
CH Xclusive De La Parure

NM89175801 Brindle
Unic De La Parure

LOSH 0784951
Lux Ned CH Egotise De La Parure
NHSB 1919460
Jacquella Ouragan
DKK 01580/95
Unbara De La Parure

LOSH 0794263
Honnor?-Tamino De La Champ?tre
NHSB 2012.303
Ysatis De La Parure
NHSB 2012303
CH Fabelhaft Flower Power
23 Jun 1999
NM82967602 BRDL & WH
CH ElTorro's Roch Voisine
20 Sep 1996
NM82018901 BRDL & WH
CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown
15 May 1988
NT397318 Brindle
CH Cox's Goodtime Ace In The Hole
NS896030 Cream
CH Cox's Goodtime Mindy Lou Of Kn'd
CH ElTorro's Sweet Jasmine

CH Cox's Goodtime Dandy Andy
NS896029 Cream
Quatt Arabella
CH Firesides' Snow Belle
21 Nov 1996
NM70325703 Cream
BIS Ch Bandog's One In A Million
26 May 1992
NM41039801 CR
CH K N' D Foxy Joe Of Cox's Goodtime
08 Nov 1986 NT170442 CR
CH Bandog's Joy To The World
30 Jun 1990 NT714726 BRDL & WH
Amron Absolut Amelia
11 Sep 1993
NM50577703 Cream
CH Cox's Goodtime Bit O'gold
11 Nov 1988 NT474511 FN
Citadel Shotsilk Hillary
15 Aug 1990 NT705223 CR
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