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CH Fabelhaft Golden Gloves
(Dog) 19 Jun 2002, NP00950901,    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

CH Fabelhaft Majic Marc'r
03 Nov 2000
NM88760202 BRDL & WH
CH Tidewater's Monte Carlo Jackpot
21 Apr 1999
NM82106602 Brindle
Jackpot! Sir Winzalot Of TW
09 Jun 1996
NM78112403 BRDL
CH Here Tis? Twin Lakes Joe Kid
19 Mar 1996 NM67048401 Cream
Jackpot! Velvet Dreams Petty
05 Jan 1996 NM64857404 Brindle
CH Tidewater's Hurricane Allis
17 Aug 1995
NM63683301 CR
CH Banyan Carte Blanche
20 Mar 1991 NM28026501 FN & WH
Smokey Valley's Tar Button
13 Sep 1990 NM24832902 BRDL
CH Bridges Gradon Poupay
25 Aug 1998
NM79665302 Cream
CH Bridges Marc Him Magnus
31 May 1994
NM55984304 Cream
CH Cox's Goodtime Make His Marc
04 Jan 1989 NT495468 Brindle
CH Bridges Sara Lee
27 Oct 1987 NT339577 Cream
Bridges Jovette
13 Dec 1996
NM71220804 Cream
CH Bridges Marc's Risque Rogue
28 Sep 1994 NM58411704 Brindle & White
Bridges Dennis The Menace 'Lil
07 Jan 1994 NM53292301 Cream
CH Fabelhafts Golden Buddette
29 Apr 2000
CH Justamr's Golden Budda 'Of'haft
02 Jul 1999
NM83279101 Fawn
CH Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Dante
18 May 1996
NM68152701 Brindle w/white
CH Kishniga's Benvenuto
21 Mar 1991 NM34011401 Brindle
Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Angel
07 Aug 1994 NM56680701 Fawn
CH Justamere's Golden Delicious
19 Apr 1993
NM48264204 Fawn
CH Starhaven's Mon Sauvage
28 May 1990 NT713929 Fawn
CH Miss B's Pennyroyal Flush
13 Jun 1991 NM29628904 Brindle
CH Fancibul La Coeur De Mer
11 Mar 1998
NM77083603 Cream
CH Byrd's John Boy
05 Feb 1991
NM27205702 Red Brindle
CH Petit Reprise D'brandy D'mckee
19 May 1987 NT338096 BRDL
CH Byrd's Golden Dutchess
22 Jun 1989 NT590087 Cream
CH Hi-Arc's Minnie Mouse
15 Apr 1995
NM60246201 CR
CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown
15 May 1988 NT397318 Brindle
CH Hi-Arc's Li'l Orphan Annie
25 Dec 1989 NT688950 CR
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