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CH Daystar's Airies Of Avlis Bloa
(Dog) 09 Jun 2001, NM91147502, Brindle    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

CH Buntins Bossy Doctor Mark
19 Nov 1999
NM84803106 Fawn
CH C And D's Laboss Mon Buntin
28 Jun 1996
NM67897103 Fawn
CH Cox's Goodtime Polar Bear
14 Nov 1994
CH Cox's Goodtime Jack Of Jock
CH Cox's Goodtime Isabella
25 Apr 1991 NM28211102 CR
CH C And D's Madonna La Mon
22 Aug 1992
NM43338201 FN
CH Cox's Goodtime Bit O'gold
11 Nov 1988 NT474511 FN
CH C And D's Angelene Of Shalmar
10 Dec 1987 NT325250 BRDL & WH
CH La Petite Bijou De Rire
17 Jul 1996
NM68213302 FN
Buster Brown's Amos
15 Dec 1992
NM46021801 BRDL
CH Stewart's Buster Brown
01 May 1991 NM28456102 BRDL
Stewart's Pumpkin Seed
01 Apr 1991 NM27709302 CR
CH Ms Molly's Precious Moments
04 Nov 1992
NM45457802 CR
CH Sandy Ridge Phillipe
NT270601 Brindle
CH Petit April Amour Pin Crete
01 Apr 1989 NT532971 BRDL
ARG CH Charming Maya Avlis And Bloa
17 Jun 1999
NM89632001 Brindle & White
CH Fancibul's Boot Scooter
15 Dec 1995
NM64394302 Brindle & White
CH Byrd's John Boy
05 Feb 1991
NM27205702 Red Brindle
CH Petit Reprise D'brandy D'mckee
19 May 1987 NT338096 BRDL
CH Byrd's Golden Dutchess
22 Jun 1989 NT590087 Cream
Sandy Ridge Morning Star
11 Sep 1992
NM44563101 FN
CH Sandy Ridge Arkansas Cajun
03 Nov 1988 NT554689 CR
CH Sandy Ridge Ann-Marie
30 Oct 1990 NM29213602 BRDL & WH
CH Jimmy Lee's Trudy
05 Jul 1993
NM49347301 FN & WH
CH Jimmy Lees Dennis The Menace
01 May 1990
NT702951 FN
CH Jimmy Lee's Flim Flams Flip
28 Sep 1988 NT483398 CR
CH Precious Princess Pepetta
30 Apr 1987 NT268154 BRDL & WH
Melody's Miss Mignon
19 Jan 1989
NM15564101 WH & BRDL
CH K And D Baby Huey
01 Dec 1983 NS866096 WH & BRDL
Jaguars Margaret
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