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CH Adore's Shady Harbor Starbuck
(Dog) 25 Aug 2011, Np29970003, Brindle    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

AM. CAN. CH. Shady Harbor's Capo Dei Capi
18 Apr 2006
np13239901 Brindle
CH Fabelhaft Golden Gloves
19 Jun 2002
CH Fabelhaft Majic Marc'r
03 Nov 2000
NM88760202 BRDL & WH
CH Tidewater's Monte Carlo Jackpot
21 Apr 1999 NM82106602 Brindle
CH Bridges Gradon Poupay
25 Aug 1998 NM79665302 Cream
CH Fabelhafts Golden Buddette
29 Apr 2000
CH Justamr's Golden Budda 'Of'haft
02 Jul 1999 NM83279101 Fawn
CH Fancibul La Coeur De Mer
11 Mar 1998 NM77083603 Cream
CH Fabelhaft Oops-A-Daisy
12 Mar 2004
NP06803202 Brindle
BIS Ch Robobull Fabelhaft Inferno
26 Apr 2002
NM94053401 Brindle
CH Justamr's Golden Budda 'Of'haft
02 Jul 1999 NM83279101 Fawn
CH Xclusive De La Parure
NM89175801 Brindle
CH Fabelhaft Flower Power
23 Jun 1999
NM82967602 BRDL & WH
CH ElTorro's Roch Voisine
20 Sep 1996 NM82018901 BRDL & WH
CH Firesides' Snow Belle
21 Nov 1996 NM70325703 Cream
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