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Vogue Du Champange Lionheart
(Bitch) 11 Jan 2003, NP02661701, Brdl & Wh    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

HJ CH Belboulecan Du Champagne Mondo

* BMF & white
BIS CH Affabull's King Of Diamonds

NM53193805 Brindle
BIS CH Vi Du Lac Starhaven's Hotflash

NM41167901 Fawn
CH Starhaven's Mon Sauvage
28 May 1990 NT713929 Fawn
CH Starhaven's Hot And Spicy
07 Sep 1989 NT604856 Fawn
CH Precious Bulls Copy Girl
28 Feb 1992
NM33847404 BRDL & WH
CH Player Edisontuck
27 Aug 1987 NT314338 White & Brindle
CH Ampirion Aretha De Motowne
23 Jun 1990 NM23164201 BRDL & WH
Belboulecan Dominion Viola

CH Belboulecan Histoire De Ma Vie
16 Jun 1993
NM53024601 Bmf
CH Allstone Douglas
16 Jun 1990 LOI NM 26993201 Brindle
CAN CH Hollandia V Den Irdita-State
CH Ninon of Fee's Valley

Ber VD Mestreechteneekes
23 Jul 1987 NHSB 1545120
Imperatrice Cleopatra De La Parure
Kakasfogo Indigo

BIS HJ CH Pelshire's Piccaso Pico

Standard Excel's Pelshire In Excess
Miss B's Stormcrest Chivas R
15 Apr 1993
NM48501506 BRDL & WH
CH Stormcrest's Dom Perignon
CH Miss B's Kahlua-'N-Kreme
13 Jun 1991 NM29628906 BRDL & WH
Kakasfogo Hortence


Pablo V.Hartogs
CH Diva De La Villette
Tisza-parti Jopofa Topa Pofa Rita

Tisza-Part Jopofa Topa Pofa Argo
Pelikan Varosi Emma
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