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CH Twin Lakes Peanut Butter
(Dog) 20 Feb 1996, NM65758601, Fawn    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

Majestic's Jingo La Shu Shu
30 Dec 1991
NM33091403 FN & WH
VG's Jacques-Pierre De Leroy
22 Jan 1989
NT704242 FN & WH
CH Lin-Hill's Baby Leroy
28 Jul 1984
NS945626 BRDL & WH
Dynamo Astro Of Sun Dance
13 Dec 1982 NS818054 BRDL
K And D Holly Of Sleepy Hollow
28 Jan 1982 NS722550 BRDL & WH
Towne Bo-Genn
21 Oct 1980
NS632858 BRDL & WH
L And V Bo-Jack
27 Dec 1979 NS555505 FN BRDL
L And V Honey Bear
24 Jul 1979 NS555506 BRDL
Windmarks Morn'in Star Shine
13 Feb 1990
NM20496001 Cream
Wittners Diablo Sneaky Pete
25 Jun 1986
NT274858 CR
CH Cox's Goodtime Hot Toddy
CH L And V Loving Nicolette
10 May 1984 NS959736 CR
CH Windmarks Honey Blonde
29 Sep 1984
NS947144 Fawn & White
Kismet's Cosmo
19 Sep 1980 NS649065 BRDL & WH
Laforest's Bit Of Honey Girl
17 Mar 1978 NS401164 BRDL & WH
Sandstorms Starswept Sundust
15 Jan 1992
NM33310502 CR
CH R And R's Superstar
05 Dec 1989
NM19084401 CR
CH Byrd's Magnum PI
29 Apr 1987
NT277899 Cream
CH Flim Flam's Ramblin Ruben
04 May 1984 NS905604 CR
CH Petite Vanitie D'pixie D'mckee
08 Jun 1985 NT003839 BRDL & WH
Ivy Road's Tiddley-Winks
22 Sep 1987
CH Enstrom's Tiz-A-Wiz
22 Nov 1982 NS818530 Brindle
CH Jaguars Facade Blanc
CH Ivy Road's Jammin Jasmine

CH Enstrom's Tiz-A-Wiz
22 Nov 1982
NS818530 Brindle
CH Major's Golden Nugget
08 May 1980 NS547632 FN
CH Enstrom's Vanilla Puddin
22 Jul 1981 NS656807 Fawn
CH Cox's Goodtime Antoinette

CH Cox's Goodtime Ace In The Hole
NS896030 Cream
CH Cox's Goodtime Cricket
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