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Twin Lakes Morining Glory
(Bitch) 11 Aug 1997, NM73664802, Brindle & White    [Breeding]   [Sibling]  [Vertical Pedigree]

CH Lebull's Bhartrihari
10 Mar 1996
NM67229801 Brindle Pied
Bel Aut CH Don Camilo De La Parure
24 Sep 1993
NM61771101 White & Brindle
Leopard V. Eppies Bargie

Duc Dali De La Parure
NHSB 1684765
Joie V Eppies Bargie
CH Ramona Princesse De La Parure

Intl CH Omar Sharif De La Parure
20 May 1985 NT335102 Brindle
Giboulee Ma Joie
CH Lebull's A Night Incasablanca
17 Mar 1993
NM50171501 BRDL
Baron Taittinger De La Parure

Le Bull Legion's Diamond Lil
26 Jul 1990
NM25368904 FN
Banerjee Bonhomme
08 Feb 1989 NT691900 Blue Pied
CH Sonlit Europa
26 Feb 1987 NT259845 BRDL
CH Twin Lakes Eve Of Destruct-N
01 Dec 1995
NM64784302 Brindle & White
CH Here Tis' Up 'N' Adam De Mckee
16 Oct 1991
NM31576301 Cream
CH L'cream Dream Machine D? Mckee

CH Flim Flam's Ramblin Ruben
04 May 1984 NS905604 CR
CH La Petite Pixie De Mckee
29 Nov 1982 NS765919 BRDL
CH La Petite Chamonix De Mckee
27 Mar 1986
NT096348 CR
CH Cox's Goodtime Ace In The Hole
NS896030 Cream
CH La Petite Pixie De Mckee
29 Nov 1982 NS765919 BRDL
Majestic's Bouly La Shu Shu OF K'N'D

CH Enstrom's Got Toomee
25 Jan 1986
NT124100 White & Brindle
CH Enstrom's Will He Make It
07 Aug 1984 NS968568 Fawn
CH Enstrom's Puddin's Princess
22 Nov 1982 NS774788 Brindle
Johnson's Mickette
20 Jan 1983
NT537175 BRDL
Johnson's Risky Mickey
20 Aug 1987 NT290773 BRDL & WH
Bilbev's Minnie Ru O Pantrad
01 May 1985 NT058618 BRDL & WH
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